Adding General Ledger Accounts

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Add New General Ledger Accounts


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This screen appears after using "Add" (F10) on the initial Maintain Chart of Accounts screen.

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Learn how to complete tasks related to general ledger processing.

Screen Overview

This screen is used to add a one or more G/L account numbers to your Chart of Accounts. It is set up to make it easy to enter the account information and save it as you go, whether you are entering one new account or a hundred.

As you work, you can use Enter at any time to save the accounts you've entered so far. The system uses a temporary “work file” so that you could still cancel the entire operation if you want before saving the final changes with F5-Update. Use PageDown and PageUp to display additional blank lines.

When all changes are done, use Update (F5) to save everything and return to the previous screen.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


G/L Account

Use this field to enter the G/L account number. Use a 5-digit format such as 10001 (will appear as 100.01; do not enter the period).


Enter a complete description of the G/L account.


Check this field if this account represents cash.


Choose one of the following codes to indicate the type of account:

Asset (A)

Liability (L)

Income (I) (remember to enter a reversing account number in the Rev field)

Expense (E) (remember to enter a reversing account number in the Rev field)

Reverse G/L

Used for income and expense accounts ONLY. This field indicates the G/L account to which the balance of this account should be transferred at year-end. Use a 5-digit format such as 96000 (will appear as 960.00; do not enter the period).

SEE ALSO: Monthly and Yearly G/L Processing - "Closing the Books"

Budget Group

Enter a two-character code to specify the budget group to which each new G/L account should belong.  These are used not only for setting up your budget in CU*BASE but also for grouping your G/L accounts when viewing budget varianges on the Variance Dashboard and via other report  and dashboard tools. 

Use Budget Group Maint to view existing budget group codes or create a new one.


Choose Active (A) or Suspended (S). (For new accounts, "Active" should be used in all cases.)


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