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Accounts Payable


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #998: AP1: Work With Outstanding Invoices.

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Screen Overview

This is the first of several screens used to enter invoice data into the Accounts Payable system. You may also edit or delete invoice items using these screens.

Typically, invoices should be entered when they are received, with a due date entered onto the record. Then the Open Payables Report can be printed to show invoices that are waiting to be paid, according to due date. This allows you to pay invoices “just in time” to better manage cash flow.

Enter your credit union's Corporate ID, then enter the Vendor ID number and use Enter to proceed to the second screen.


To locate a specific vendor quickly, type any text from the vendor's name into the Name field and use Enter to display any items with that text anywhere in the name. (For example, if you enter “NEW” you would get a list that includes “THE SAGINAW NEWS” and “NEWTON SUPPLIES” and “NEW YORK LIFE.”) Select the desired vendor in the list and use Enter or Select to proceed to the second screen.

IMPORTANT: If a vendor name appears with gray shading in this list, it has been suspended. Although you can select it and proceed to the next screen, you will not be able to actually create an invoice record for that vendor.

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