Enrolling Members for Promise Deposits

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Update Member Promise Deposit Enrollment


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Access this screen by selecting Go! in front of "Promise Deposits (subscribe or change status)" on the initial Member Personal Banker screen.

Helpful Resources

For complete details on configuring, activating, and using this tool with your members, refer to the Promise Deposits booklet.

Screen Overview

This window is used to enroll a membership so that they are allowed to deposit checks via online banking using the Promise Deposits feature.  

Notice the Status showing the member’s current enrollment setting.  If this reads “Pending,” the member has requested enrollment via online banking and the request is awaiting final decision.  This can be done by choosing an action here, or via the Work Online Banking Requests feature.  (Taking an action here will cause that pending record to be removed from the Work Online Banking Requests list.)

There are three choices, described below.  Choose one and click Add/Update (F5) to save and return to the previous screen.  A message will be sent to the member via email (if a valid email address exists) and via the secure online banking message center.  (Refer to the Promise Deposits booklet for samples of each.)




Enroll in promise deposits (E)

Select this to enroll a member to use Promise Deposit privileges.  The next time the member logs in to online banking he or she can post their first deposit.

An enrollment date will be recorded.

Unenroll in promise deposits (U)

Select this to revoke a member’s Promise Deposit privileges for the time being.  The enrollment date will be reset to 0/00/0000.

  • If you allow members to request enrollment via online banking, even if they are unenrolled they will still be able to request enrollment again. If you do not want them to even be able to ask for the privileges again, use the Denied option instead.

Denied (D)

Select this if a member should no longer be allowed to request enrollment in Promise Deposits via online banking.  Use this for situations where a member has abused the privilege in some way and you don’t want them to see the Promise Deposits option in online banking at all.

If this option is selected, when you use Add/Update (F5), a confirmation window will appear; click Delete (F16) to confirm.  The member’s enrollment record will be marked Denied, then CU*BASE will automatically flow to the Misc. Member Service Denial Notice screen so you can generate a paper denial notice if desired. 

  • If the member’s status is “Enrolled” already, changing it to “Denied” will generate a message to the member explaining that their Promise Deposits privileges have been cancelled. 



Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#UMBRPTPC-01.htm