Promise Deposits Terms

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Promise Deposit Terms


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Access this screen by clicking Terms (F11) on the Promise Deposits configuration screen.

This screen is used to configure a URL and free-form text content that will appear in online banking.  Members who are not already enrolled for Promise Deposits will see this content after clicking the Promise Deposits option on the My Accounts drop-down menu.  (For more details, refer to the Promise Deposits booklet.)

Remember that although standard text will be provided for you, you must still read this text carefully and adjust any language related to fees, number of days to mail in the checks, and other details to fit your actual program.

IMPORTANT:  In order for the text to appear on the page, a URL must be entered at the top of this screen.  This should be a complete address (don’t forget the https:// at the beginning!) of the page on your website where your remote deposit offerings are explained to your members. 

If you also wish to include a section that explains other Remote Deposit Capture options you offer to your members, use the Sales Info (F11) feature to display the Sell Remote Deposit screen.


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