(Archive) GOLD 11.2 June 22, 2011

FinCEN Scan Update

Now when your auditors run the manual FinCEN 314(a) scan (Auditing menu (MNAUDT) #12), added in the last release, they will see fewer suspects on the resulting report! The individual scan now requires an absolute match of First Name, Last Name and Birthdate (all three) to determine whether results are reported on the FinCEN report, as well as to decide whether other FinCEN fields are scanned. (The individual scan also scans for Alias First Name, Alias Last Name and Birthdate combinations.) Currently, only a Last Name match is required, so you can see how this tightening of the requirements will minimize the number of “hits” on the report.

Organization still first looks for a business name match before scanning other items; we did not require a date match with organizations since this data can be variable.

Auditors will also have more tools to determine whether the remaining entries on the report are false positives. Previously the FinCEN report listed only fields that matched the FinCEN file. With this release, the report now also lists fields where there was not a match. These unmatched items are marked on the report with an asterisk. (Fields that have no data will not appear on the report.)

Finally, we have changed the scan to be case insensitive. That way matches will be found, regardless of whether the data comes through in upper or lower case lettering.


Refer to the “Running a FinCEN 314(a) Scan Against Your Database” booklet available on CU*BASE Reference Page for details.


Details for all related screens will be available via CU*BASE GOLD Online Help with the release.

Check Funds Released Complies with Upcoming Reg CC Change

Additionally with this release, we have changed our programming to comply with the new requirements of Reg CC, which state that the next day availability of check deposits must be increased from $100.00 to $200.00. In synch with this programming change, the Electronic Deposit Hold configuration screen (Configurations D menu (MNCNFD) #20-Electronic Deposit Hold Config), will now read “# of days for Reg CC hold” instead of the current “# of days to hold 1st $100.00”. (This wording allows us flexibility for future changes – the current requirement for Reg CC is $200.00.)

NOTE: This does not affect the amount your credit union configures for immediate withdrawal, which is configured separately on this screen.)


Refer to the “Electronic Deposit Holds: Member in Good Standing” booklet available on CU*BASE Reference Page for details.


Details for all related screens will be available via CU*BASE GOLD Online Help with the release.


·                Teller Activity Report Also for Reporting on Multiple Employee IDs – The Teller Activity Report (MNHTEL #19-Teller Activity Reports) now allows you to select multiple Employee IDs for reporting with the blue “Multiple Select” button we have more recently been adding to screens in CU*BASE. Previously, if credit unions wanted reporting on multiple Employee IDs, they needed to run the report several times (or run it for all tellers, even if they only needed a couple of them). Now the report is broken down into separate sections for each selected Employee ID. (You can, of course, still leave the Employee ID field blank to view all tellers.)

·                Share Dividend Configuration Report Redesigned – The Share Dividend Configuration Report – Savings Products Menu (MNCNFA) #21-Print Share Div Config Report has been redesigned for clarity and to add the configuration for tiers for DIVAPLs with Qualified Dividends.

·                Excel 2010 Now Supported – Starting with 11.0. the Exports Download feature on various Dashboards now supports Excel 2010.

·                Audio Banking Response Query (AUDICC) Included Statistics on Spanish – The AUDICC Query, available from the Query menu (MNQURY) #16-ARU Stats, now includes statistics on Spanish speakers. To view this information, filter for the condition A:CCLOGT equals ‘S’. This was added in a previous release.




Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#Whats_New_Archive_06_11.htm