(Archive) GOLD 12.1 August 2012

Member Services

Automated Handling of Wrong Email Addresses Sent by CU*BASE

We are proud to announce automated “wrong email address handling” for emails sent by CU*BASE!  Currently, unless your credit union uses Xtend to handle your invalid email addresses, it’s a time-consuming process to keep them up to date.  Starting with the 12.1 release, however, when emails are sent via CU*BASE (such as those sent through Member Reach or as e-Alerts or e-Statement reminders), and the email address bounces back as invalid, CU*BASE will mark the email address as a wrong email address and create a Tracker record.

With the new process, invalid email addresses are collected by the system throughout the day.  Then during BOD processing, CU*BASE marks each email address as a wrong email address and records a Tracker conversation with the name of the operator who ran BOD.  (With the manual process currently in place today, the name of the employee making the change is recorded in the Tracker.)

This will not only be a time saver for your staff, but is a very important piece of programming for our network!  The danger of sending emails with wrong email addresses is that our servers could be marked as sending spam.  This wrong email management will significantly decrease the number of fatal emails we send and will improve our success with sending emails directly to your members.

Last Ten Accounts Feature Added

Five additional screens now have the last-ten-lookup feature, which allows you to quickly search for accounts by showing you the account numbers of the last ten accounts you have accessed.  


Balloon Loans Filter Added to Loan Information Report

Currently CEOs use Queries and other research tools to report on data of balloon loans in the 5300 Call Report.  Now that information is easily retrieved directly from CU*BASE by a new filter on the Loan Trial Balance report (Loan Information Report: Trial Balance, Loan Delinquency Analysis and Loan Interest Analysis (Reports E menu: MNRPTE #2-Selective Loan Information Rpt.)   New selections to filter for “balloon loans” and “general loans” have been added in addition to the already existing “lease loans” filter on all three of the Loan Information Reports: Trial Balance, Loan Delinquency Analysis, and Loan Interest Analysis.

Loan Payment Automated Funds Transfers Synch up AFT Payment Date and Loan Payment Date

Automated funds transfers are an excellent way for members to ensure they make their loan payments on time.  However, infrequent problems were occurring when a monthly automated-funds transfer (AFT) was set up as a backup method for when members did not make a full payment themselves.  If the AFT was configured with an AFT next-payment date that preceded the loan next-payment date, the AFT actually could make the payment before the member had a chance to, causing confusion and sometimes double payments.  In order to follow the spirit of these types of AFTs, CU*BASE will now change the next-payment date and day of the AFT to match the next-payment date of the loan once the AFT record is saved.  

Regrouped Filters on the Loan-to-Value and Packaging Loans for Sale Entry Screens

You will notice that we have reorganized the filters on the Loan-to-Value Report (Reports E menu: MNRPTE #18-Loan-to-Value Analysis Report) and the entry Packaging Loans for Sale screen (Management Processing Dashboards menu: MNMGMT #25-Package Loans to be Sold).  No filters have been removed, but we hope the regrouping and friendlier wording assists you with using these two screens.


Memberships Exempt from CTR Highlighted in BSA Dashboard

With the 11.3 release in September, we added CTR fill-in screens right in CU*BASE, with prompts to remind tellers to complete them.  Part of that release was an “Exempt from CTR” box in Membership Update (Update Functions 1 menu:  MNUPDT #1-Update Membership Information).  If this box is checked, tellers do not receive the prompts to fill out a CTR for that membership.

Now the “Exempt from CTR” checkbox also affects how the membership appears on the Bank Secrecy Monitoring dashboard (Auditing menu:  MNAUDT #1-Work Daily BSA/CTR Activity).  If checked, the Social Security number of the membership will be highlighted in the listing, to indicate that a CTR form should not be necessary.

For further details, refer to the “Bank Secrecy Monitoring” booklet available on the CU*BASE Reference page.   

Interest-Only Loan Exclusion for Loans with Interest Greater Than Payment

The Loan Interest Greater than Payment Report (Auditing menu: MNAUDT #18-Loans with Int Above Payment Amount) now includes a new “Include interest only loans” filter.  This allows you to exclude interest-only loans, which often have interest due greater than the payment, from appearing in the results of the report.  


CU*BASE Employee Security for Instant Card Issue

You can now control (by Employee ID) who can create a new plastic via the Instant Issue software – right from within CU*BASE.  (This is in addition to Employee Security controls via the CardWizard software that are also required and have always been in place.)  Permissions through CU*BASE are now granted via the new “Instant card issue” checkbox in CU*BASE Employee Security’s “Update Special Security” settings.  Employees who do not have permissions correctly configured will now receive the messaging explaining that they are not authorized.  (Previously there was no messaging.)  

To update an employee’s CU*BASE Special Security to allow the employee to issue plastics via Instant Card Issue, first access the CU*BASE Employee Security (Management Processing Dashboards menu: MNMGMT #1).  From there, select the appropriate Employee ID from the listing and “Update Spcl Security.”  Check the new “Instant Issue” checkbox and press Enter to save the changes.  (Additionally, you will need to grant this person permissions via the CardWizard software.)

For further details, refer to the “ATM/Debit User Guide” booklet available on the CU*BASE Reference page.   



Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#Whats_New_Archive_08_12.htm