(Archive) GOLD 9.3 September 2009

September 20, 2009


Report Enhancements

This release brings with it enhancements to several reports in CU*BASE, allowing you to select additional criteria, view data from a previous month, and view new information on the report. While these changes can benefit anyone using these reports, they will be particularly helpful when filling out your quarterly 5300 Call Report.


·        New Sort Features for Investment Reports - The Investment Maturity Analysis and the Investment Trial Balance Report now have the additional flexibility to sort by Investment Type and FASB code, or Maturity Date to assist you in further analyzing your investment portfolio. These reports are accessed via the Investments Menu (MNINVS) through #22-Print Investment Maturity Report and #23 Print Investment Trial Balance.

·        Loan to Value Report Allows Selection by Additional Collateral Types - The Loan-to-Value Report now allows you to run the report against collateral types other than real estate collateral. Select which Collateral Definition Types (Real estate, Vehicle, Stock, or Other) to include in the calculations, or simply use the All option to select all types. This is helpful, for example, if you allow members to use vehicles as collateral for mobile homes. This report is accessed via the Reports: Misc Loans Menu (MNRPTE) #18 Loan-to-Value Analysis Report.

·        View Previous Month Data for the Dealer Delinquent Report - We are now saving month end data for the Dealer Delinquent Report and you can now select the Process Date, allowing you to view data from previous months. Access this report through the MNEXL2 Menu (Extended Loan Proc Menu, then #14-Participation Loan Processing). Select option #4-Print Dealer Member Delinquency.

·        CD Maturity Report Enhancement - The Certificate Maturity Report now reports the total number of certificates by Maturity Range (along with totals within each Maturity Range by Type with an additional grand total across all Types). This is in addition to the previously reported dollar amount by maturity range. Access this report via the Reports: Stats/Misc Menu (MNRPTD) #10 CD Maturity Analysis.

Employee Security Enhancements

We have added employee account security restrictions to new areas of CU*BASE. Now disbursing loans (Lending Menu – MNLOAN #2 Disburse Loans,ordering starter checks (Member Service Menu – MNSERV #8 – Member Starter/Replacement Checks and ordering ATM/Debit cards on the new ATM/Debit system (MNATMD #1 ATM Maintenance) follow employee account security restrictions.


If all the lines are filled on a debt screen on a loan application, a warning message will appear, alerting the user that he or she will need to review the credit report to ensure that there is no additional information that could not be entered into the application.



Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#Whats_New_Archive_09_09.htm