(Archive) GOLD 9.5 December 2009

Members Can See Principal and Interest Breakdown in It’s Me 247

Now when members make loan payments, they will be able to see the breakdown of how much money was applied towards principal versus interest while looking at the loan’s Account Details screen (transaction history) in It’s Me 247.

Previously this information was available in CU*BASE via the Inquiry screens, but not available for the member online. You members will love this new feature!


Report Enhancements


Enhancements to the Member Trial Balance

Several new enhancements have been added to the Member Trial Balance Report (Reports: TB/Mbr Acct Menu (MNRPTB) #1 – Trial Balance Select Information). Membership Designation Code has been included as a new selection option, and two “Select” buttons have been added in place of the range fields for both Loan Purpose Code and Loan Security Code. When you click the new buttons (similar to ones we have added recently in other areas of CU*BASE), screens appear allowing you to select multiple Loan Purpose or Loan Security codes.

The addition of Membership Designation Code may be helpful for the Additional Shares/Deposits section of the 5300 Report if any accounts are organized by Membership Designation (i.e. government depositors).

Updates to two Lending Reports

We’ve beefed up two lending reports on the Reports: Stats/Misc Menu (MNRPTD) with this release. You can now filter The Loan Purpose Analysis (#2 – Loan Purpose Analysis) and Loan Security Analysis (#3 – Loan Security Code Analysis) by loan category code(s). Additionally, a new option on both reports allows you to include written-off loans in your report results, which may be helpful to obtain your loan charge-off information for the 5300 Call Report.


Details for all related screens will be available via CU*BASE GOLD Online Help with the release.



Upcoming 5300 Call Report Tools


Upload Data to the NCUA Website Directly from CU*BASE

We are one step closer to having the ability to upload Call Report data from CU*BASE to the NCUA online call report tool! This will eliminate the need to enter your Call Report data twice, both into CU*BASE and into the NCUA website.

On the Call Report Data screen, there is now a new function key that will convert your Call Report data into an .xml file, which is the format required by the NCUA. We plan to BETA uploading this .xml file to the NCUA website in January with some credit unions we’ve already identified. (Clicking this button right now won’t complete the upload for your credit union since additional steps are required.) Watch for updates on the upload on the CU*Answers Kitchen page early next year.

Auto Pop Routine by Dividend Application

For your January Call Report you will have the ability to auto-populate share account information by dividend application. This includes the share, share drafts and money market lines of the Call Report. For more information, be sure to check the update on the CU*Answers Kitchen page, which will be published in late December.


OFAC Scan on Manual IAT Returns is Easy!

When processing an International ACH Transaction (IAT) return manually, it is now easy to rerun the necessary current-day OFAC Scan. We have added a handy F8-OFAC to the Manual IAT Return screen to allow you rerun OFAC scans on all addendum items right when you are processing a return. Selecting F8-OFAC moves you to the new IAT OFAC screens that were added in the September release. Simply check all of the addendum items on the list and use the OFAC option to rerun the scans on them. The return screen will also now confirm that the scan is from the current day, and will not allow IAT returns without same-day OFAC scans.


Details for all related screens will be available via CU*BASE GOLD Online Help with the release.



Refer to the “International ACH Transaction (IAT)” booklet for more details.



Mortgage Forms Enhancements

The Settlement Form and Good Faith Estimate Forms have been updated to match new regulatory guidelines set by the Federal government. In the process of updating the forms, we also standardized the forms by vendor, so all credit unions using a similar form provider now also share common Settlement and Good Faith Estimate forms.

The net result of this change is that credit unions sharing a form vendor will also share any future costs of updates to these generic forms. We always like it when we can help credit unions share resources and save money! This affected credit unions using forms from the following vendors: Wisconsin Credit Union League, CUNA, Oaktree, Securian, Financial Form and Conmar.

The Settlement Form and Good Faith Estimate Form are still created in the same manner, but because of the changes to the forms, there are quite a few changes in the screens used to make them. Refer to the “Mortgage Products: Data Capture for Mortgage Closing Forms” booklet to see screen shots of the updated Settlement Form and Good Faith Estimate Form screens.


Details for all related screens will be available via CU*BASE GOLD Online Help with the release.



Refer to the “Mortgage Products: Data Capture for Mortgage Closing Forms ” booklet for more details.



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