(Archive) GOLD 12.3 December 2012

December 12, 2012

CEO and Auditing

New Graphs Available for the Loan Concentration Risk Analysis

New graphs have been added to all three break-out analysis screens of the Loan Portfolio Concentration Risk dashboard. Now you can see graphical representation of the data appearing on the Member View screen.

Access this dashboard via the Management Processing/Dashboards menu: MNMGMT #19 or the Auditing menu: MNAUDT #15; then use F15-Summary to access the analysis section.  Select one of the breakout views and click the graph symbol for a graphical representation of the data in each section.   

This programming change was made in response to a request from the CEO Strategies conference.

PDF Export Now Available on Teller Activity by Day of Month Summary screen

The PDF and Excel exports are now available on the Teller Activity by Day of Month summary screen.  Access this screen by selecting the Teller & Cash Analysis Tools menu: MNHTLA #3-Teller Activity by Day of Month, then F16-Summary.

Accounting/Back Office

Property Taxes Paid Added to Updated 1098 Form for Vendor Printing

As mentioned in the 2012 Year End Guide, IRS regulation changes for 2012 will result in the removal of Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) premiums from the 1098 tax form. Because the space formerly used for that data is now unused, we have changed the 1098 vendor print file so that forms vendors can choose to print whatever is in the “Property tax paid” box in the Tax File for the account, along with an appropriate label. Forms printed by Sage Direct* will include this information. If no data is filled in, that box on the form will remain empty.

• Because of the variations in credit union configurations for escrow payees, we will not be automatically pulling information from your escrow distributions to populate this field. Use the Update Functions 1 menu: MNUPDT #18-Update IRS Tax File Information, making sure to enter 2012 as the tax year, and enter the amount in the “Property tax paid” field. Anything entered into this field will appear in box 4 on the 1098 form (assuming that one is produced for the member), but will NOT be reported to the IRS. You can begin this process immediately; you do not need to wait for the release to be implemented. Just remember that the final deadline when all data must be entered is still January 4, 2013.

New shortcuts to Access OUTQs

Now there is easier access to all of the CU*BASE OUTQs!  New shortcuts have been added to for each OUTQ and are as follows:

Important:  Your security officer must first give you access to these shortcuts.

This was implemented for online credit unions on September 27, 2012.


Changes to Card/OTB Product Inquiry Screen

As part of our ongoing project to comply with PCI (Visa) standards for card # encryption and masking, we are now adding masking to the Cards/OTB Product Inquiry screen (F17-OTB/Cards from Inquiry).  Specifically, if you click the edit button in front of any of the card types marked “batch processing” you are brought to the Member Plastics/OTB Products screen, and ATM and debit card numbers on that screen are now being masked. This matches the treatment on the equivalent inquiry screen used for online cards (click the edit button in front of items marked “online processing”).

Attention Security Officers:  Any employees who need to be able to look up full, unmasked ATM and debit card numbers will need to be granted access to the ATM/Debit Card Maintenance feature (MNATMD #1).  We recommend this be done now, even before the release is implemented, to keep things running smoothly for your MSRs next week.


Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#whats_new_archive_12_12.htm