(Archive) GOLD 18.12 December 2018

December 9, 2018


Database Administrator

Curious how you can be a database administrator for your credit union? Dive in to the data life by visiting the Asterisk Intelligence website, cuanswers.com/solutions/asteriskintelligence/ and learn how to curate your data by design!

New ‘Views’ for Tax Dashboard

Not only are these new views helpful to work with tax information on the fly in Tool #100 Report Builder (Query) but these new views help our internal teams work with tax data faster, and more efficiently when processing tax records! These views can be found in the 18.12 Database Changes Memo, found here: cuanswers.com/wp-content/uploads/18-18.12- Database-Changes.pdf

Back Office/Accounting

Employee ID Now Included on Investment Transaction Records

Thank you to the Accounting Top Ten Focus Group for this enhancement!

Now, when working with credit union investments, the employee ID of the staff member making edits will be included in the investment table, INTR, and will appear on related reports and investment register. This includes logging the employee ID when creating and posting the investment workfile, editing current investments, and posting payments.


Toggle Card Status Codes to Easily View Only Active Codes

As we, and our respective vendors, enhance the card statusing capabilities of our ATM, Debit, and Credit card programs, we sometimes come in contact with card statuses that are helpful and/or necessary to include in the database, but aren’t used by credit union staff (such as codes for automatic statuses like Fraud or Member Deactivate), or the individual credit union has decided against using. This is especially true as we move vendors to Phase II Card Status completion. With these caveats in mind, the new toggle option in Tool #150 ATM/Dbt/Crdt: CU Status Code Pref Inq (as well as the OPER configuration option in the back office!) will now allow you to view only codes that are active for your credit union, or view all codes including those made inactive.


These additional items will be implemented with the release:

Year-End Tax Adjustments and Internal Enhancements

As with every December release, we have reviewed the updated IRS publications and made the appropriate adjustments for tax related processing. We have also implemented several internal enhancements, minor fixes, and custom projects.

Cleaning Up the OPER Menu (Self-Processors)

We are cleaning up the OPER menu! To view the changes made to the OPER screens, view the 18.12 Tools Memo, available here: cuanswers.com/wp-content/uploads/18-18.12-New-Tools-Memo.pdf


Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#Whats_New_Archive_12_18.htm