(Archive) GOLD 1.415 February 2007

February 19, 2007 (Monthly GOLD Update) - 1.415

Personal Internet Branch (PIB) Messages

We have consolidated many of the messages related to PIB that are sent to the member's Secure Message Center in online banking. Previously, if five different settings were changed in a member's PIB profile, the member would receive five separate messages. Now these will be combined into a single message that lists all five changes made.

In addition, once messages are read in online banking, they will be deleted after 30 days, instead of the previous 90-day retention schedule.

Other Miscellaneous Changes

·     The new Payment Catch-Up Calculator that was released in January (for online credit cards) has been given a facelift to make it easier to use and to better organize the account and delinquency information displayed. To access this, you can use the command key on the Delinquency Info window in account inquiry, or click the green button next to the credit card account suffix on the Teller Deposit/Withdrawal screen.


·     The Check Processing Statistics screen has been reorganized to make the stats related to fees easier to understand.


·     The feature in Corporate Chart of Accounts configuration that allows you to set the increment for new member account numbers has been expanded to 3 digits, so that you can set the interval to any amount up to 999.


·     The student loan “Update Quarterly Work File” feature (MNEXLN #25) will now allow student loan group E (unsubsidized student loans) to be entered to update the work file.


·     Escrow disbursement processing (MNEXLN #2) has been changed to allow escrow funds to be disbursed from accounts with freeze code 1 (freeze withdrawals/disbursements) without an override. An override will still be required for freeze code 3 (all trans).


·     The Escrow Payee Configuration feature (MNEXLN #9) now allows you to configure the payee so that you can sort the disbursement listing by policy number (for PMI insurance), in addition to the existing options for name, account number, and tax ID.



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