(Archive) GOLD 13.4 February 2014

February 2014

Timeline of Events



May - November, 2013

ING beta with 30 CUs (CU*Answers, Xtend, and CU*NorthWest Board CUs and other volunteers)

December 2013 - January 2014

Beat the Rush! ING beta opened up to other early-adopter CUs

December 30th - January 17th

My Favorite Things Contest:  Contest to be entered in a drawing to win a $200 CollabRebate certificate. 

January 8th through February 5th, 2014

Bi-weekly (free) 30-minute web conferences: Getting Ready for ING

February 9th through 28th, 2014

Official ING rollout; all clients must complete all workstation installations.

March 2014

Sunset of support for "old" CU*BASE GOLD

A Completely New Design for over 9,000 CU*BASE GOLD Screens

ING is a project to upgrade both the client software (LegaSuite) as well as the look and feel of the CU*BASE GOLD user interface.                                 

As the core software that drives our user interface evolves, we must evolve as well, to maintain compatibility with equipment and software (Windows 8, for example) on the workstations that credit unions are buying today.  

Just like the “NGS” project back in 2008, ING represents a completely new design for all 9000+ CU*BASE GOLD screens.  This combined with the File Expansion Project (FEP) are two large projects CU*Answers has taken on to grow our network.

Not Only an Update to the Look of GOLD Screens

The ING project primary driver was to modernize the look and feel of our core software and continue to keep pace with the evolution of Window applications familiar with today’s users.  Behind the scenes it also allows us to move the next generation of LegaSuite (the software used to create the look of CU*BASE).  This has created even more web-based has more web-based opportunities.  It also created a foundation for changes in the future, including the ability to more easily develop new themes and a consistent look and feel that will speed development.  Additionally, during the ING installation many GUAPPLE devices were installed at credit unions allowing for an easier implementation of future releases.  

ING Means a Better Member Experience

Users of ING will notice many enhancements to the software as a result of the new design, but it took very little time for users to get used to the new look.  CU*BASE will have a consistent look and feel on each screen, with a standard arrangement of buttons on each screen.  This will make it even easier for the novice user to learn this product, and easy for the experienced user to adopt the new look!

Other changes include:

Truly a Team Effort

ING has truly been a team effort.  May employees at CU*Answers were involved in the efforts, including management, programming, QC testing, networking, communications, training, and documentation.  In addition to the update of the look and feel of every CU*BASE screen, all of our documentation and training tools needed a complete overhaul to include new pictures and videos of the new look.

Tools Provided for a Smooth Transition

CU*Answers ramped up its training efforts to provide credit unions with the tools for a smooth transition, providing both documentation for installation and  training implementation classes. All users were encouraged to watch the ING video with voice recording that guided the user through the changes between the older look and the ING look.  Additionally many AnswerBook items were created to assist credit unions with staying informed about the move.

A Project Our Network Can Crow About

The key to long-term sustainability, especially for a technology-oriented organization like ours, is the evolution of a product's foundation. Our network is based on technology solutions that are counted on over the long haul. CU*Answers is over 40 years old, and many of our relationships have lasted well over 20 years. What have we learned over these decades?  That our software and solutions need to stay young and be constantly evolving.  We have learned how to partner for the long term and keep our solutions fresh and current.

When FEP/ING was introduced last June, it was described it as, “proving we have the chops to take on a project of this magnitude, whenever we need to.”  Even if your credit union can’t imagine ever putting a $10 million loan on the books, you are part of a network that will have gained the confidence and know-how not only to make that possible, but also to tackle anything you and your members will need in the future.  It sets the stage for a can-do attitude that says, “I can’t wait to start the next one!”  


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