(Archive) GOLD 1.430 June 2007

June 25, 2007 (Summer Release) - 1.430

Auditor Reports for Special Memberships Added

New Audit Reports Now Available

To assist credit union internal auditors with routine monitoring tasks, we created a multi-purpose report that audits the status and activity of “Insiders” such as staff and board members.

Look for this new report on the Print Insider/Employee Audit Report screen at MNGELE menu #26 (for now - later this year we'll be creating a new menu with tools just for internal auditors!). Thanks to partner Wauna CU for their help designing this new tool!

This report gives the credit union auditor both a review tool that can be used to highlight situations that might need to be more fully examined (such as large volumes of transactions by an employee, or delinquent loan statuses of family members of employees, or file maintenance of a loan for a board member, etc.), as well as the information needed to complete reports on insider loan and savings status for Board and 5300 reports.

Instead of having to laboriously create and run Queries to monitor these special accounts, this new report will give the auditor one single option to get a monthly status on key interactions between these members and the credit union.

Reports include the Teller Audit Key Review Report, Transaction Activity Review Report, Account Status Review Report, and File Maintenance Review Report.

Misc. Member Account Forms Enhancement

Add Beneficiaries to Printed Certificates

You can now configure your Misc. Member Account forms so that beneficiary information is printed on them, for ALL beneficiaries on the account. This will be especially helpful if you use Misc. Member Account Forms for your certificate forms!

·               Refer to the Miscellaneous Member Account Forms manual for more details on this new feature.

CUSC Enhancements Added

CUSC Financial Institutions Can Now Offer Additional Services to Members

CU*BASE has greatly increased the services that these financial institutions can now offer through the CUSC Acquirer shared branch interface, giving them more ways to service members.

·               New features allow them to transfer funds, cash checks, process miscellaneous receipts, as well as process check withdrawals for savings, checking, and loan accounts

·               Refer to the CUSC Acquirer manual for more details.

Electronic Photo ID Change

Photo IDs Now Indexed by Social Security number

For credit unions using the new CU*BASE e-Receipts and electronic Photo ID capture tools, we made an adjustment to how Photo IDs are saved and recalled by CU*BASE. Instead of saving the IDs by account number we are now saving them by social security number. This means you only need to scan an ID once and it can be accessed from any account on which the person is listed, whether primary or joint/beneficiary!

·               NOTE: This feature requires that you are set up with the CU*BASE e-Receipts and Electronic Photo ID Capture system. Please check out the Imaging Solutions web page if you are interested in installing this system at your credit union.

·               See also the Electronic Photo ID Capture User Guide!JumpHtml(`https://www.cuanswers.com/wp-content/uploads/ElectronicPhotoIDCaptureUserGuide.pdf').

New Icon to View Photo ID

·               Now there are now two buttons that allow you to quickly view the photo ID of a member. From the Teller Funds In, Member Inquiry, or Phone Inquiry screens, click on either the Verify ID button or the Secondary Names buttons. Then to view the photo ID of a member, joint member, or beneficiary, click on the images\ebx_-2069543603.gif icon in front of the person's name. A browser window will open showing the scanned photo ID.

·               NOTE: This feature also requires that you are set up with the CU*BASE e-Receipts and Photo ID Capture system.

New Sort Option for Collection Tracker Report

Sort Collection Conversations by Tracker Type

View conversation details by tracker type in one easy to read report. Building on the last release's collection advances, you can now sort the Member Tracking Listing Report (created from MNTRAK #14) by tracker type in addition to sorting it by memo type. This allows you to view in one report all conversations relating to collections, for example.

·               New fields allow you to view listings based on who first created the tracker or by who logged conversations under that tracker type.

·               In addition, a new Tracker Listing Summary provides numerical data on specific or all tracker types.

Payroll Posting Warning Message

New Payroll Warning Message

While using the Process/Post Member Payroll feature (MNACHP #16), it was easy to click post and not realize that you were actually posting a payroll, that was scheduled to post in the future, immediately. We've improved the process with a new warning message that alerts you that the post is immediate now so you don't post a payroll before you are ready to!

Expanded Deposit Item Fee Configuration Capabilities

Offer Deposit Item Fees on Specific Dividend Applications

CU*BASE now gives you the opportunity to configure Deposit Item Fees that will apply to only members who have specific accounts (such as your business checking account). Now you can configure check cashing fees on specific checking and savings dividends, offering you more flexibility with this feature.

·               These fees are configured using the Deposit Item Fee Configuration option on menu MNCNFD. To have only one deposit item leave the Dividend Application field set to 99 as usual.


Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#Whats_New_Archive_6_07.htm