Special Mortgage Payment Options

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Special Mortgage Payment Options


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Answers to frequently-asked member questions

This window appears if you are posting a payment to a mortgage loan (with the 360-day calculation type), if the amount being deposited is either higher or lower than the regular payment amount (including escrow, if any). It will also appear in situations where the member’s 360 mortgage loan has been paid ahead as far as allowed by the loan category configuration, as a warning that amounts will be applied directly toward principal.

You can use F3-Backup to return to the Teller screen and change the amount being paid, if needed. Otherwise select the appropriate payment option (there may only be one choice, depending on the circumstances of the member’s loan, the loan category configuration, and the payment amount) and use F5-Post to confirm and complete the transaction.

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Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/3614g.htm