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Access this screen by selecting Tool #857: Learn-From-Peer Tiered Svcs Peer Analys.

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You heard about it in the Leadership Conference – “Learn from a Peer” features are coming in CU*BASE! This has been a collaborative effort from Focus Groups and we are proud to introduce the first phase of this new way to look at your credit union. How does your e-Statement penetration compare to credit unions of a similar membership or asset size? How about your Online Banking usage? Now it is easy to check out these comparisons with the new Tiered Services Peer Analysis.

Whether or not you use Tiered Services to award members points, CU*BASE records their participation with your credit union in many different ways that can be measured and analyzed.  This analysis looks at this information and gives easy access to comparison data in an online analysis, without the need to print reports or create special queries.

The tool allows you to select a group of credit unions with a similar makeup to your credit union (asset size or number of members) and then presents a list of credit unions that fit that criterion. Just select a credit union from the list to view side-by-side data on how you compare in all of the goals monitored in Tiered Services. Ranking figures are also included on each item so you can see how you and your selected credit union compare against the entire group. You can even expand your initial range to compare yourself to credit unions that are larger than your credit union to see where you want to go.

NOTE: This comparison will only allow you to compare your configuration with other credit unions on your system.

Helpful Resources

1.   Select whether to analyze your data by Member Range (# of memberships) or Asset Range.  (Membership size is determined by the number of records in the MASTER file.) 

2.   Select a range. This will default to a range ten percent greater and ten percent less than your credit union’s figures. Keep this range to compare yourself to credit unions of your membership or asset size, or choose alternate numbers (for example, selecting numbers greater than your credit unions to compare your credit union to those larger than you own).

3.   Select a scoring method for Tiered Services. Select from Both, Member or Household scoring. You may wish to select credit unions with a similar scoring method to have a more accurate comparison.

4.   Press Enter to move to the second screen listing the credit unions that fall into that criteria.



Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#3670g.htm