5300 Call Report General Ledger Default Auto Pops

These are the default 5300 General Ledger Default Auto-pops.


A730A Cash on Hand  739.00-739.99


Assets/Loans & Leases

A719 Allowance for Loan Losses   719.00-719.99



A940 Undivided Earnings   940.00

A931 Regular Reserves   931.00



A300 Provision for Loan & Lease Losses  300.00-309.99

A210 Total Employee Compensation and Benefits  210.00-220.99

A230 Travel and Conference Expense  230.00-239.99

A250 Office Occupancy Expense  250.00-259.99

A260 Office Operations Expense  260.00-269.99

A270 Education and Promotional Expenses  270.00-279.99

A280 Loan Servicing Expense  280.00-289.99

A290 Professional and Outside Services  290.00-299.99




Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#5300_Call_Report_General_Ledger_Default_Auto_Pops.htm