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Learn-from-Peer Loan Rate Analysis


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #428: Learn-From-Peer: Loan Rate Analysis.

Dashboard Tips – Questions to Ask When Comparing a Dashboard with Another Dashboard or Report

This comparison allows you to compare your loan products rates with multiple credit unions. The Dashboard allows you to compare rates according the type of loan product (credit card or non-credit card). You can also select two comparison credit unions to view all rates across all terms side-by-side with your own. The power of this new tool is obvious – now you can see how your rates compare with others – of a specific asset or member size – or across the board. View a detailed side-by-side comparison, or even the configuration of another credit union.

Click on the header of each column (such as Credit Union, Assets, or Avg Rate) to sort by that column. Use the scroll bar to the right to scroll down the listing.

Select the Filters and Length of Term.

Use the “Mark CU’s within xx percent of my Membership/Asset Range” to identify credit unions meeting these criteria. (Membership size is determined by the number of records in the MASTER file.) These credit unions will have a blue asterisk next to their names in the listing below. Use Isolate Marked (F9) to show only these credit unions in the listing below.

You can also use the filters at the top of the screen to adjust the loans to include only those with members in selected states

Instructions for Selection for Detail Screen

The detail of individual credit unions can be viewed by selecting the credit union and one of the Detail options below the listing.

Viewing Data Sources

To view the data sources that generate the information on this dashboard, use Data Source (F19).

Analytics Booth: Power Line

Use the Power Line (F23) button to launch an immediate trend line graph in Analytics Booth to help you better understand your data. Not a subscriber? Learn more in the CU*Answers Store.

Check out this video: Analytics Booth at a Glance (Board Members: More Analytics Booth Videos Below!)

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