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Advanced Search


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Access this screen by selecting Advanced Search on the Inquiry Search screen.

Helpful Resources

Explain how the new search engine works when it comes to searching for a member name.

How can you tell in which field a number was found in when using Xpress Teller Search and Inquiry Search?

Why might I not find a joint owner or coborrower record in the Search results on Xpress Teller Search or Inquiry Search?

How will the new search work when it comes to hyphenated names, or names that end with something like Jr., Sr., II, and III?

How is the data gathered for the new search engine that's used by Member Inquiry and Xpress Teller?

Screen Overview

This powerful Advanced Search also allows you to search only certain fields by checking them.  This will limit your search to these criteria.  

Enter your data in the Search for field and check the fields in which you would like to search for that data. Click Search to return to the Inquiry screen to see the members (and their secondary members, if applicable) that fit the results of your search.

If you are not narrowing your results enough, a good strategy is to only search one field, and if possible to search more specific data. Click the Check All and Uncheck All buttons to check or uncheck all of the selections.

Tables Used for Advanced Search

Advanced Search allows you to search the following:


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