Teller Audit Analysis Dashboard

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Teller Audit Analysis Dashboard


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #1700 Teller Audit Analysis Dashboard.

While reviewing my BSA report I found a cash-back audit key record in the Teller Audit inquiry list without an offsetting transaction.  How could that have happened?

About this Dashboard

When reviewing transaction activity for audit purposes, you can easily find just the transaction you are looking for in an entirely view-only screen – just for auditors!   Use this dashboard instead of going through teller control to inquire on a teller’s activity via the Teller Audit screen.  Like the Teller Audit screen, this screen shows Audit Keys that were generated for individual teller transactions, but instead of using the listing to correct out of balance errors, this screen is used to audit them..

Using this Dashboard

This screen defaults to automatically show the previous day’s transactions since that is what is most used by auditors.  (This date will appear in the Processing date fields.)  Move to the current day or back to view a complete three previous months of data.  (You can view both the active and deleted audit keys or sort between them.)  The dashboard includes extensive search fields for all data presented, and all columns are sortable, as you would expect from any CU*BASE dashboard. (Note that because this dashboard builds three months of transactions on the fly, it may take a few seconds to load.)  

Using Selection Fields

At the top of the screen are several selection options that allow you to narrow down the list of transactions shown to make it easier to locate specific items. After filling in the desired selection criteria, use Enter to refresh the screen.

0 = Funds Forwarded

1 = Transfer Deposit/Transfer Pmt

2 = Deposit/Payment

3 = Money Order

4 = Misc. Receipts

5 = Misc. Advances

6 = Outside Check

7 = Inhouse Check

8 = Withdrawal/Disb.

9 = Cash In

A = Advance Fees

B = Cash Out

C = Corporate Checks

D = Delq Fine Payment

E = Escrow Transfer

F = Funds Carried Over

M = Check/Money Order Fee

W = Transfer Withdrawal




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