Instant Reports - Send Reports Direct to CU*Spy

Send Reports Direct to CU*Spy for PDF Presentation, Archival, and More

Enter INSTANTxx (where xx is your credit union CUID) as the printer name when printing any CU*BASE report.  When the report is generated it will be sent directly to the new INSTANT OUTQ.

CU*Spy will regularly monitor for reports sent to this queue and within a few minutes, you’ll see the report under the “Instant Reports” tab in CU*Spy.  It will be indexed with the name of the report.  

Beyond the obvious benefits included in the PDF format, this solution also allows you to use other CU*Spy features, such as the ability to search reports, combine reports, and add notes.  Plus, at end of day these reports will all be archived for future use!

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