Printing the ACH Master Listing

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ACH Master File Register



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Access this screen by selecting Tool #629: Print ACH Master Listing.

This is used to print a report showing all of the records in the ACH master distributions file. This screen lets you select how the records will be sorted in the printed report:

Account # (A)- Lists records in order by CU*BASE account base and suffix.

Company ID (C) - Lists records in order by the ACH Company ID, to show all items for the same company together.

Transaction Date (L) - Lists records in order by the Last Transaction Date.

Member Name (N) - Lists records in alphabetical order by Member Name. (Remember, not all member names are entered the same; some may start with the member's last name, others begin with the first name.)

Key (K) - Lists records in order by Depositor Account Number then ACH Company ID so the various member account / ACH company relationships for a member are listed together. (This is the most commonly-used option.)

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