Additional Signers Information Report

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Additional Signers Information



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Access this screen by selecting Tool #630: Print Additional Signer Information.

This screen creates a report listing the additional signers on a loan. Use it to identify what kind of additional signer is on the loan, for example: parent, or business guarantor. The report is listed by account base and both the borrower and the co-singer appear on the report. The report lists what kind of co-signer the account has—either co-applicant, guarantor or spouse. Also listed by default is whether the co-signer is a member or non-member. By selecting the Members Only checkbox, you can choose to show only co-signers who are also members.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Additional Signer Type

Select from the following choices in the drop-down menu: All (blank), Co-applicant (C), Guarantor (G), Spouse (S). This is an optional field.

Members Only

If you check this checkbox, only members will appear on the report. This is an optional field.


Enter a single account base in this field to show only additional signers of this account type. This is an optional field.

Account Type

Enter a single account type in this field to show only additional signers of this account type. This is an optional field.

Export report to file

Check the “Export report to file” go to the screen where you can choose to create a file that lets you use Member Connect to communicate instantly with these members via email and online banking messages, set up a marketing outreach via mailing labels and selective statement inserts, and track the responses via a telemarketing Tracker. This file will contain account base only. Or choose to export more data to use with CU*BASE Report Builder.

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