Member Survey Analysis Report

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Member Survey Analysis Report



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Access this screen by selecting Tool #512: Member Survey Analysis Report.

Get the member's perspective with this online banking video: Voting for Board Members or Completing a Survey (More videos below!)

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Using the CU*BASE Member Survey

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Obviously, a member survey does very little good to anyone unless the results are consistently analyzed and used when making key credit union decisions. CU*BASE provides two tools for analyzing responses to your survey questions: The Survey Analysis Report and a pre-defined custom inquiry of the survey response file (click here for more details on the available custom inquiry).

This report not only shows what the member responses were, but tallies the answers to show how many members responded, and what percentage of members chose each individual answer.

If you wish to see responses only for a specific question, or all questions within a survey group, enter the question number or group number here. Leave both fields blank to include all questions and responses on the report.

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