List Uncollected Funds Report

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List Uncollected Funds Report



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Access this screen by selecting Tool #878: Uncollected Funds Report.

This report is excellent for monitoring uncollected funds and to view all uncollected funds information at a glance. Also use this report as an uncollected funds inquiry on individual accounts or to scan and to check that tellers have placed the holds on accounts.

Uncollected funds are designated when a check hold is placed in the Teller Funds in screen or when a hold is placed manually using the Update Uncollected Funds Infor feature. Funds can also appear on this report if they are held by a hold set in the Electronic Deposit Hold configuration.

Leave the “Member account base” field as is to view activity on all accounts. Select an account to view only activity on that account.

In the report the asterisk next the dollar amount in the Held Account column indicates the total amount held.

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