Disbursing Funds to Escrow Payees

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Process Disbursements to Escrow Payee


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Access this screen through Tool #342: Disburse Funds to Escrow Payee.

For information refer to the booklet, Escrow Processing with CU*BASE.

Screen Overview

This screen displays all of the escrow disbursement records for this payee and escrow type code.  The primary sort for the list is by who the disbursement check is payable per the escrow disbursement record first by member, then by payee, then by both.  The secondary sort is by Account #, Name, Policy # or Tax ID as configured for the escrow payee.

The Scheduled Amount column shows the amounts from the escrow records.  The Disbursed Amount fields allow you to adjust the actual amount that will be paid with this batch.

Using this Screen

When the list is sorted by Account # or Name and the disbursement record contains both a policy # and a tax ID (for Insurance and PMI format types only), then the Policy # displays instead of the Tax ID.  

As you make changes, use Enter periodically to recalculate the balancing amounts at the top of the screen.   If you need to stop working and come back to the batch at a later time, use Save (F10) to save and return to the initial screen (or the up arrow (F7)) to save and exit).  

If you update the amount in the Disb. Amount field on this screen, the amount will also be populated automatically in the escrow disbursement record. That way the numbers are there for the next analysis.

If you update this disbursement amount, it will be populated in the escrow disbursement record.  That way the numbers are there for the next analysis.

If you do not wish to include a particular member in the payment, check the box to suspend payment for this batch only.  

When the batch is in balance (the Net difference at the top of the screen reads 0.00), use Post (F5) to post the payment.  

Confirmation Window

A confirmation window will appear.  On this window you can decide whether the third detail report should include member account numbers or not.  This will depend on whether you will be sending the detail report to the final payee.  (For privacy reasons, reports sent to third parties should not have credit union account number information on them.)  

This screen allows you to print your reports to a different printer.  For example, you can choose to print them to HOLD XX and view the reports online.  These reports may be quite lengthy and this way you may not only save paper, but free up the printer for others to use.  

If this payee is set up to receive payment via a G/L transfer, use Enter to complete the posting and return to the initial screen.  


If payment is made by check, use Enter to proceed to the final screen.

For information refer to the booklet, Escrow Processing with CU*BASE.


Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#PESCDP-02.htm