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CU*BASE GOLD Release Monitoring


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This screen is used to warn you that your workstation is not running the most current version of either the CU*BASE GOLD application, or the “engine” that runs CU*BASE GOLD, which is called the LegaSuite Client.

The first time you launch the CU*BASE GOLD software after a GOLD update has been released, if your PC does not update to the proper levels, this warning message will appear showing how your PC's software compares to the current system release levels.


Although you may press Enter to continue working, many screens will not work properly and may actually “drop to green,” meaning the GOLD panel will not display. Steps must be taken as soon as possible to ensure your PC is at the proper software release levels.

If this message appears for more than a few days, you will be blocked from logging in to CU*BASE altogether until updates have been applied.

IMPORTANT: Remember that updates are not loaded unless you launch the CU*BASE GOLD application. Just logging in is not enough.

For this reason it is recommended that you completely close all programs (click the images\closebutton_shg.gif in the upper-right corner of the application) and either shut down or reboot your PC every night when you leave for the day. Not only does this ensure that GOLD is launched fresh each day, it also “refreshes” the memory on your PC, improving its overall operating efficiency. Contact a CU*BASE Systems/Hardware representative or your credit union's system administrator for more information.

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