Payroll Group Maintenance - Processing Priority (1)

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Payroll Group Maintenance Account Type Selection


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This fourth screen will appear after using Enter on the previous Payroll Group Maintenance screen.

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Understanding Payroll Deduction - "Base Payrolls" vs. "Distributed Payrolls"

Screen Overview

IMPORTANT: These final two Payroll Group Maintenance screens are used only for companies which produce base payrolls. If you are not setting up a base payroll, simply use the up arrow (F7) now and the Group configuration is complete.

This screen, along with the following screen 1354, lets you set default priority settings based on account suffix. Priority sequences are used when balancing a payroll work file to help determine to which account funds should be directed first, in case a paycheck is short. Normally, these priority sequences are entered when the base deposit accounts 165 are created, according to the member's wishes. However, default priorities can be defined here if needed.

Enter the account suffix here and use Enter to proceed to the next screen.

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