Configuring Activity Branch Parameters

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Activity Branch Maintenance


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #235: Config. Activity Branch Calculation.

Understanding Activity Branch

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This screen is used to configure the activities you wish to track to define a member’s Activity Branch. To keep from skewing the numbers, you would probably not want to consider back office activities (such as share drafts or ACH) that were done mostly at a single branch for all members. In most cases, Activity Branch should be determined by employee/direct services such as Lobby (Teller) and Lending (new loan disbursements, refinances, etc.) activity. Use the drop-down lists to select up to 5 origin points to determine Activity Branch. At the top of the screen, enter a percentage to indicate how the transactions should be analyzed.

Activity Branch calculations always use transaction activity from the previous month, so that a full month’s activity can be used to determine the activity branch.



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