Updating Rates Shown in Audio Response

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Update Audio Response Interest Rates


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IMPORTANT: This screen is used only for credit unions that have NOT activated text-to-speech IVR features. The text-to-speech option automatically read rates from your credit union's online rate board (the same one that is used by It's Me 247 online banking), rather than playing separate pre-recorded messages combined with the rates on this screen. Contact a CSR if you wish to convert to the text-to-speech method so that you no longer have to update CU*TALK audio response rates separately.

Access this screen by selecting Tool #882: Update ARU Interest Fees.

The CU*TALK Audio Response product has a feature that allow a member to hear your credit union's savings and certificate product APYs, as well as your current loan rates. You define the descriptive text (such as “The APY for a 3-month certificate with a minimum deposit of $500 is” or “The current rate for new car loans up to 60 months is”) and CU*Answers records the text to be read in Audio Response.

This screen in CU*BASE is used to record the actual APY/rate figures. CU*TALK then combines the recorded message with the rates entered here and reports both to the member.

Important Tips

Any changes to the order or products or the descriptive text that should be read/displayed in CU*TALK must be submitted using the CU*TALK Rate Messages Change Request form. (Or contact a CSR about activating text-to-speech so you don`'t have to do anything with this screen ever again!)



Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#UARIR-01.htm