Report Automation: Standard Reports

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Report Automation:  Standard Reports


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #759: Report Automation: Standard Reports.

Helpful Resources

Visit Show Me the Steps for easy instructions on how to use CU*BASE to complete tasks related to report automation.

When using the Report Scheduler feature, how many saved report definitions can be stored within a specific tool?

Screen Overview

The Report Scheduler allows you to select and save the filters you use to run several commonly used reports and then set these reports to be run automatically by our operations staff on the first of the month.  Use this screen to view reports that support the automated feature, view your saved filters, and save new filters.

Learn more about the Report Scheduler Feature by reading the "Automated Reports and Queries" booklet.  Especially important to read is the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section included in the beginning of the document.

Also read extensive information about saving, retrieving and updating settings on this screen: Save Settings screen.

From this screen, select a report setting or a report and one of the following settings:


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