ATM Deposit Hold Maintenance

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ATM Deposit Hold Maintenance


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #754: Release Holds on ATM Deposits.

This feature allows you to quickly release holds placed on a member’s account via an ATM deposit, according to ATM terminal.  This feature can be used if your credit union uses a standard long-term hold on all deposits but releases the hold for immediate availability of funds after envelopes have been opened and deposits verified.

To view the holds on an ATM terminal, enter an ATM Terminal ID (and an optional date range) and press Enter to view the list of hold.  This will display the uncollected funds records for that terminal. 

To release a hold, check the box in the Release Hold column.  You can work the list or work them one at a time.  When you are ready to release the holds, use F5-Process Releases.  You will advance to a confirmation screen.  This will delete the UNCOLL record.    

To place a permanent hold, click the lock symbol next to the hold.  You will advance to a confirmation screen.  Once you accept the confirmation screen, CU*BASE will delete the original UNCOLL record and create a new UNCOLL record for the original deposit with a permanent hold with an expiration date of 12/31/39.  (The latest date CU*BASE allows for.)  The hold will also be removed from the listing.


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