Change Credit Card Loan Category

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Change Credit Card Loan Category


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Access this screen by selecting Change Loan Category on the previous screen.  

This screen displays the additional loan categories associated with the BIN of the current loan category. This function will evaluate the credit card loan, look for any restrictions that would prevent the loan category from being changed, such as a Write-off, and then take the steps to assign the new category configurations to the existing loan. Now, loan category is stored on the credit card loan card loan with the charge type buckets, meaning that there is no clean up when a loan category is moved (with exception to adding rate overrides if the balance is moved along with the category) – unless you've moved the balance, the old buckets retain their payoff rate even after the new category is established, and you will be able to differentiate between the previous buckets and the new buckets at a glance in the credit card inquiry screen.

To continue to the next screen, highlight the desired new BIN and choose Select.


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