Accounts to Block from In-house Check and ACH Clearing (1)

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Accounts to block from In-house Check/ACH Clearing


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #1870 Block Accounts for In-House Checks/ACH.

This feature can be used to prevent checks from clearing on a specific member account, either via Teller In-house checks, or via ACH debits (for checks converted to ACH items).  Although it can be used to block check clearings for any reason, the main purpose of this feature is to support a credit union business service referred to as Positive Pay. 

Positive Pay is the name given to a service a credit union performs for account that produce large checks that are frequently subject to fraud. For example, a title company produces checks for real estate sales and these checks are sometimes altered or faked, resulting in potentially large losses. Insurance providers often require that these title companies have some sort of protection to prevent a check from clearing unless it is expected and for a certain dollar amount. This is done by the title company uploading a list of the checks they cut that day, and only checks that are on the list are allowed to clear automatically.

In a nutshell, this feature controls whether a member’s checks are allowed to clear via any channel other than normal share draft processing.  While this feature was specifically intended for use with eDOC Positive Pay tools, you can use it if you wish to control how checks are cleared for any account you wish.  Use this screen to enter checking account numbers for your business accounts or other memberships. Once an account has been added to this list:

Use Add (F6) to add a new account to the block list.  Or select an item in the list and use Edit to modify an existing entry.  A second screen will appear.

To remove an account from the block list so that checks can start clearing via in-house drafts and ACH, select it in the list and use Delete button.  One confirmation message will appear.





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