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Update ATM Service Charge Group


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Access this screen by selecting Tool 152: Service Charge Group Inq (inquiry) or Tool #236: Configure ATM Service Charge Groups (maintenance).

This screen is used to create or modify service charge groups. Current groups and their corresponding descriptions are listed on the bottom half of the screen.

Service charge groups are a convenient way to set up different fee structures for different groups of people. For example, you may wish to charge members differently from employees, or your credit union may offer special accounts which provide no-fee ATM usage.

When ATM and Debit Cards are created, a default service charge group is assigned, but you may change it to any of the groups configured here.

Enter a new or existing service charge group number and use Enter to proceed to the final screen.

“Permanent” Service Charge Groups

If your credit union uses Marketing Clubs, it is possible to assign a special ATM Service Charge group as a reward for Club membership. In addition, the CU*BASE Tiered Service Level program can also be used to change a member's ATM Service Charge code on a monthly basis based on credit union participation.

This can cause a potential conflict, in cases where a member is promised a special rate on ATM activity because of his Club membership, but then finds that his ATM Service Charge code is changed when Tiered Service scoring is done for the month.

To assign a permanent ATM Service Charge Group to a member, that will not be changed by Tiered Service scoring, create special ATM Service Charge Groups using codes 90 through 99. These codes can then be assigned to a member manually on the ATM card record, or used when configuring Marketing Club rewards.

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