Rules for Effective Dating Account Adjustments

This feature is used to post a transaction to a member's account and have the system automatically calculate the adjustment to interest or paid dividends according to the effective date of the adjustment. In a nutshell, it effectively back-dates simple, common types of transactions with a notation in transaction history indicating the effective date.

It should be used very rarely, and is designed to handle situations such as a missed deposit, a deposit that was credited to the wrong account and not caught for several days, mail that was not posted immediately on the day it was received, and similar situations. Anything more complex may require additional manual calculations/adjustments and account maintenance to be performed.


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As you can see, there are many things to consider when making an account adjustment that is based on an effective date in the past. Because of this, access to this special Account Adjustment tool should be granted only to staff who understand the ramifications and can judge when and how the tool should be used in each unique situation.



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