ECOA Codes

This code indicates how account information is reported to the Credit Bureau in keeping with the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. It can be placed on a loan record when it is created in the Loan Request screen, or updated later using Account Information Update.

IMPORTANT: Additional signer information will be reported to the credit bureau ONLY for loans that are assigned code.

NOTE: Former codes 0, 4, and 6 are no longer valid with Metro 2 credit reporting standards.


1 Individual account

2 Joint contractual responsibility

3 Authorized User

5 Co-Maker or Guarantor

7 Maker account

T No longer associated

W Business/Commercial

Note: To use the "W" ECOA code, an additional signer must be present on the loan request prior to creating the loan.

X Deceased

Z Delete Consumer


If you are unsure which ECOA code to select for your member's loan, please contact your credit bureau representative.


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