CU*BASE Standards for Foreign Addresses

Following are standards for entering foreign member addresses into various screens in CU*BASE. These standards were taken from US Postal Service guidelines as of September 2002.

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The “Foreign Address” Flag

The Foreign Address flag in CU*BASE must be checked in order to enter a foreign address in the recommended format. This flag is available from all CU*BASE screens used to update member address information.

Do not check this flag for any US addresses or for any military address. How do I format a military address?  Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are to be treated exactly like a US address in CU*BASE: the foreign address flag should not be checked, and the state field should be used as usual to enter the state code PR or VI.  

Using CU*BASE Address Fields

Use the CU*BASE address fields as follows. If the CU*BASE fields are not long enough to hold all of the information in a member's address, we recommend contacting the postal service or your member to ascertain if there are appropriate abbreviations for street designations, etc., that can be used to help shorten the address.

Field Name


Address 1 (ADDR1)

Label: Street

Use this for the full street address, including house/apartment/PO box number

Address 2 (ADDR2)

Label: City/Cd

Use this for the city name and the postal code (if applicable); for Canadian addresses, include the providence/territory abbreviation (see the sample below)


Label: Country

Use this for the country name (all capital letters)


Cannot be used for foreign addresses


Cannot be used for foreign addresses


Cannot be used for foreign addresses



117 RUSSELL DRIVE ¬this is the ADDR1 field 

LONDON W1P6HQ ¬this is the ADDR2 field (notice the postal code)

ENGLAND ¬this is the CITY field

Canadian Addresses

For Canadian addresses, you may use the standard two-digit abbreviation for the province, but this must be included with the city and postal code in the ADDR2 field, NOT the State field. For example:


10-123 MAIN ST ¬this is the ADDR1 field 

MONTREAL QC H3Z 2Y7 ¬this is the ADDR2 field

CANADA ¬this is the CITY field

Canadian Province and Territory Symbols

AB Alberta 

BC British Columbia 

MB Manitoba 

NB New Brunswick 

NF Newfoundland 

NT Northwest Territories 

NS Nova Scotia 

NU Nunavut 

ON Ontario 

PE Prince Edward Island 

QC Quebec 

SK Saskatchewan 

YT Yukon 

Country Abbreviations

The US Postal Service does not allow the use of country abbreviations for addressing mail, since there is no standard, recognized set of country abbreviations. The full name of the country should always be written in capital letters on the last line of the address (using the City field as shown above).


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