Hints for Teller Offline Processing

On rare occasions, your credit union staff may need to process teller transactions without the assistance of CU*BASE tools. The most common reason would be if a phone line was physically cut and you are temporarily unable to establish communications through a backup line or other means.

Although this happens seldom (and for most online credit unions, has never happened!), it is a good idea to be aware of some of the basis steps so that member service can continue uninterrupted while communications are reestablished.

Teller Drawer

Member Balances

If the down-time is known in advance, a member Trial Balance report (Tool #487: Mbr Trial Balance Listing - Select Info) can be printed for verification of funds and for verifying the member's account number. (We recommend creating the report with member name/address and sort in alphabetical order. That way, if the member does not know his or her account number, a name search can be performed.)

Contact a CU*BASE Systems Representative if you wish to discuss setting up a backup ISDN line to be used in the event of an interruption in your normal communication channel.



Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#TellerOffLineHints.htm