Truncated Text Option

If you attempt to copy and paste text into the fields on this screen, it may cause fragmented lines of text. Place the cursor at the end of the shortened line and press the Delete key to remove the link break and clean up the paragraphs as needed.

If you insert or copy text that exceeds the space provided, you a pop-up window will appear alerting you to the fact that there is not enough room for your text. Click Yes to paste as much text as will fit the space (depending on where your cursor is placed); however, be aware that this may delete following text.  Click No to cancel the paste.  WARNING:  Never check the “Remember my decision” check box on this popup screen. The Remember my Decision check box permanently saves your selection for your user ID and this particular computer. You will not be given the option of changing your decision. It is not recommended that you select this option.

PLEASE NOTE: If you copy text into this screen, be sure to remove any single or double quotations prior to copying the text. Simply add those characters back after pasting the text in the screen. Failure to do this can result in all the text not appearing in the screen..



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