Add a Financial Institution Relationship for A2A

These steps show how to create a financial institution record so that a member can begin making account-to-account (A2A) transfers to or from the account.

    • These steps apply to credit unions that allow members to make transfers to and from other financial institutions in online banking using the A2A transfer service.

    • Before performing these steps, follow your credit union’s procedures for validating that the member has appropriate ownership of that financial institution account.


    1. Launch Tool #14: Member Personal Banker

    2. On the Member Personal Banker pop-up, enter the member's account number.

    3. Click the forward arrow.

    4. Click on the Go! button next to A2A Account Relationships (add, modify or remove relationships)

    5. Click on Add.

    6. Enter a description (such as “Bank of America Checking Account” or “Timmy’s College Savings”).

    7. Enter the name of the outside financial institution of the outside account.

    8. Enter the routing and transit number (R&T#) of the outside account.

    9. Enter the account number of the outside account. Be sure to include the entire account number including suffix.

    10. Choose the account type from either Savings, Checking or Loan. If Loan is selected, this relationship cannot be used in incoming transfers.

    11. Enter the name of the person owning the outside account.

    12. Click the forward arrow to save and continue.

    13. On the OFAC Name Breakdown (for organization) screen click Continue.

    14. Click Continue.

    15. On the OFAC Name Breakdown (for individual) screen click Continue.

    16. Click Continue.

    17. Click the up arrow to exit.

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