OFAC Name Breakdown Scan

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OFAC Name Breakdown



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Access this screen by selecting Tool #778: Scan a Single Name Through OFAC (Shortcut: ofac).

Also access this screen when posting an outgoing wire transfer, when creating a corporate check (including ones made during loan disbursement), when creating a money order, when configuring an Account-to-Account relationship, or when running an OFAC scan on an International ACH item. You can also access this screen to run an on demand OFAC scan of any item through the Time-Out window.

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Learn more in the Answer Book:  Why do I not receive a suspect match when I run a misspelled name through the OFAC scan?

Screen Overview

This screen allows you to confirm that the information entered in the field(s) on the screen to be scanned is correct before running the OFAC scan. You may need to enter the name or organization, depending on how you access this screen. There are two versions of this screen, one for scanning a person's name and the other for scanning an organizational name. The name version contains three fields (first name, middle initial, and last name) while the organizational version only contains one field. To change between the versions, use the F9 function key.

Once you have confirmed that the information is correct, press Enter to run the scan. You will either move to the No Match Found screen or the Suspected Match Screen.

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Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#IOFAC-02.htm