Deleting an AIRES File

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Delete AIRES Download & View Files


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #123: AIRES - Delete Files.

Helpful Resources

How to Delete an AIRES File

For additional information about CU*BASE tools for AIRES, including configuring AIRES Codes, refer to the Working With AIRES and CU*BASE booklet.

Screen Overview

Only one set of AIRES files is actually stored at a time; new files being created will overwrite any existing files. Occasionally, you may experience difficulty creating a new AIRES file due to a problem with overwriting an existing file. If this occurs, simply use this feature to remove the old files, then proceed with creating a new set.

Although deleting the files is not usually necessary, you may choose to delete old files each time you intend to create new ones, just to avoid potential errors. (Self-processing credit unions may also choose to delete View files to save disk space, retaining the download files for examiner use.)

The first option deletes the AIRESSH and AIRESLN files formatted for viewing in CU*BASE, along with their respective summaries. The second option deletes the AIRESSHDN and AIRESLNDN files formatted for downloading to a PC.

In most cases, it is best to delete both sets of files at the same time. Check both flags and use Enter to clear the files. Then use Create Files - AIRES (Tool #122) to create a new set of files for the desired month-end.


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