Manage My Templates

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Manage My Templates


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This screen appears after choosing Template Management on various dashboard screens, such as the Write-off/Charge-off dashboard.

Templates are a way to save all of the filter settings you’ve selected on this dashboard and quickly recreate the same settings again the next time you use the dashboard.  This screen lists all of the templates you’ve created. 

To save a template using the filters and settings from the dashboard as you were just viewing it, use Add.

To refresh the dashboard with your saved settings, select a template in the list and choose Select.

To copy a template so that you can make changes without modifying your previously-saved settings, select a template in the list and choose Copy.

To adjust the settings in a previously-saved template to match what you were just viewing on the dashboard itself, select the template in the list and choose Replace.

You can also use Delete to remove the selected template from your saved list, or View to see a recap of the filters you selected when saving that template.


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