Written-off Dashboard/Charged-off Dashboard

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Written Off Dashboard/Charged Off Dashboard



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Access this screen by selecting Tool #476: Loan Write-off/Charge-off History Dashbd.

Helpful Resources

Write-Off/Charge-Off Tools booklet

Learn how to write off a loan.

Screen Overview

This view includes written-off loans and charged-off loans.  To view only the charged-off loans, use View CO Loans (F11).  The Charge-Off dashboard includes columns that are different than the written-off view.  Click View WO Loans (F11) to move the entry screen. Each view has different columns, all of which can be sorted on by clicking the header of the column.  

There are two pictures at the top of this topic.  The first is the entry view.  The second is the view that is shown when you click View CO Loans (F11).





Enter From and To write-off dates to filter the written-off loan information. 

View indirect loans only

If this box is checked, the dashboard will display only loans with a dealer ID on the indirect dealer file. Default is unchecked.  

Approved at board meeting on

Select the appropriate MMYYYY and pull loans written off or charged off on the selected date. 


Select to filter by a branch.

WO/CO Reason Code

This is a lookup of the current write-off and charge-off reason codes. 


WO/CO approved by

Loan category

Business unit

Loan purpose

Loan security

Use the Select button to move to a screen where you can select one or more of the item selected.  Use the Shift and Ctrl keys to select multiple items on the screen and then click Select to return to the dashboard.

Choose to filter by interviewer, the Employee ID that the write off was approved by, the loan category, the business unit, the loan purpose code, or the loan security code.





View Filters (F6)

Use this to view a summary of the filters that are currently in effect on this dashboard.

Analysis (F8)

Use this to view an analysis dashboard that summarizes key statistics from your write-off/charge-off history.

Export (F9)

Select a merchant and use Export to create a database file of member account numbers.

Member Connect (F10)

After creating a database file using the Export feature, use Member Connect (F10) to contact those members.

View WO Loans/View CO Loans (F11)

The entry screen includes written-off loans and charged-off loans.  To view only the charged-off loans, use View CO Loans (F11).  The Charge-Off dashboard includes columns that are different than the written-off view.  Click View WO Loans (F11) to move the entry screen.

Common Bonds (F12)

Use this to take this group of members and view the Common Bonds dashboards showing membership and other traits these members have in common.

Template Management  (F14)

Use this to save your current set of filters as a template that you can use again later, or to retrieve filter settings you previously saved as a template.

Save Current Template (F15)

After selecting one of your saved templates, this button will appear so that if you make any adjustments to the filters, you can use this to update that template with those changes.

Clear Template (F16)

If you have set any filters, either by entering them manually or by choosing one of your saved templates, use this to reset the dashboard to remove all filter settings and refresh the list to a full display.


Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#ILNWO-01.htm