Filters in Effect

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Filters in effect


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Access this screen by selecting Show Filters in Effect or View Filters from various dashboard screens, including the Patronage Comparison and the Write-off/Charge-off Dashboard.

This screen displays a summary of the filters (selection criteria) that are currently in effect on whatever dashboard you are viewing.  This is handy especially for dashboards that let you choose multiples of various codes, such as multiple loan category codes, a group of Membership Designation codes, etc.  This window will list descriptions for as many of the codes as possible, as well as ranges, tiers, and other settings you’ve selected to narrow down the list of records displayed on your dashboard.

Is this window helpful?  This is a new feature for dashboards and we welcome your comments and feedback as to how helpful this is, and what changes you might suggest for making it useful while working on complex dashboards. 


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