Action Code "VC" - Viewing a Stored Credit Report

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View Stored Credit Reports


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This screen will appear when the VC (View Stored Credit Report File) action code is used on the initial Process Member Applications screen. It will also appear when using F20-View Credit Rpt on the loan application Financial Summary screen, the Open End Loan Contract screen, the Loan Creation screen, the final Denial Notice screen, the checklist action code from the Open/Closed Membership Dashboard, and various other places throughout the CU*BASE system.

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Helpful Resources

Understanding the Credit Report Information Screens

Why doesn't one of my credit union's loans appear on a member's (or additional signer's) credit report?

Screen Overview

The top portion of the screen is used to indicate the SSN/TIN numbers for which you would like to see stored credit reports. If coming from the loan application screen, the system will automatically fill in a number for both the primary borrower and one co-borrower.

The list at the bottom of the screen shows any credit reports that have been pulled for the designated SSN/TINs. Because report summary data is purged after 6 months, only reports dated within 6 months of the current date will be included. If more than one report was pulled for an individual during that time, all will be listed showing the date, time and credit bureau from which the reports were received.

To view report details, select the report in the list and use View Report to proceed to the Credit Report Summary screen.

To view the Credit Score History Dashboard, use Credit Score History (F12).

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