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Account Base Selection


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #53: Process Member Applications (Shortctut: loan).

Check out the video related to this topic: Creating a Loan Request for a Non-Member (More videos below!)

Helpful Resources

Processing Member Applications: Flowchart

Screen Overview

This is the first screen used when performing any portion of the loan request, application, or creation/denial process.

A Quick Terminology Lesson: Loan Request vs. Loan Application

For the purposes of understanding the CU*BASE Lending system and the terminology used in online help and other documentation, it is important to understand the difference between a Loan Request and the Loan Application.

In a nutshell, the Request is information about the loan and the quote the member receives as to the terms of the loan. (Here are the screens considered part of the loan request: Screen 1, Screen 2, Screen 3).

The Application is the personal information about the member/non-member that is used by underwriters to determine when the loan can be approved or not. (Here a list of the screens considered part of the loan application: Address/Personal Information, Employment/Income, Income Summary, References, Assets, Debts, Credit Report, Misc/Comments, Summary, Print.

Enter an Account Base and an Action Code. If using the Loan Request Action Code (LR), you will also need to enter either a Loan Product Code or a Loan Category Code to indicate the type of loan desired. (If just a Category is entered, a list of products for that category will appear automatically.) Then use Use Enter to proceed to the next screen for the selected Action Code.

To use the search fields to look for a member account, enter a first or last name, Social Security number or other identifier and use Enter. Select the desired name in the list and use Enter or Select to proceed.

When using the Loan Request Action Code (LR), if the member already has an outstanding loan request or application, a warning message will appear:


Use Enter to continue creating the loan request, or use F12-Work w/Existing to proceed to the Loan Request Maintenance screen to review the outstanding request instead.

Using the Search Fields at the Bottom of the Screen

Go Back to a Previously-Used Account

If you want to access a membership you used recently, click on the lookup next to the Account base field. The Your Most Recent Accounts Accessed pop-up window will appear.


Using Pre-Membership Lending

Loan Requests can be created for individuals who are not yet members of your credit union, using the CU*BASE Pre-Membership Lending feature. Simply use Pre-Mbrship Lending (F14) to change the Account Base field to a SSN/TIN field. (Use this button again to return to the Account Base display.)

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Account base

Enter the member account base.

Action code

This field is used to indicate which processing screen should be displayed next. If no code is entered manually, the Loan File/Action Codes window will display automatically.

Product code

If using the Loan Request (LR) Action Code, you must also enter a loan product code so that CU*BASE knows where to find default values such as rates, checklists, marketing tips and procedures, etc. Click the lookup button images\magnifyingglasslookup_shg.gif to see a list of your credit union's configured product codes.

Category code

If using the Loan Request (LR) Action Code, you can narrow down the list of loan products by first choosing a loan category code (such as your general “Installment Loan” category) here. Click the lookup button images\magnifyingglasslookup_shg.gif to see a list of your credit union's configured codes. Then CU*BASE will automatically display a list of products tied to just that category.

Last Name
First Name
Employee# Credit Card

These are search fields used to locate a specific account. After entering the desired search criteria, use Enter. A list of matching names will appear at the bottom of the screen.


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