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Access this screen by selecting the "Employer/Income" button on the loan application screens.

Warning: Since multiple people can be working a loan application at the same time, it is possible for updates to be overridden by another user.  Use caution when making changes on the various loan application screens and be sure to verify the change.

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I am a loan officer reviewing the application screens with a loan underwriter and the loan underwriter changes are not being saved. Why is this happening?

I select a loan request and then when I am on the loan application screens, I do not see all ten buttons at the bottom of the screen.  Why is this happening?

A similar screen will appear when maintaining household information, after using the Change option on the Household Members screen.

Use this screen to view and add unlimited employment and income information in a loan application all on one screen!  This allows you to record and view a historical listing of all employment and income sources for a member.  If you are using the loan application version of this screen, press Enter or use Toggle Co-Applicant (F1) to view and enter co-applicant details. The right hand corner will indicate if you are looking at the applicant or co-applicant screen.

Use Add Employer/Income (F6) to add additional employment and income sources or edit existing ones.  You can categorize each entry according to the type of income (employment or other), the status of the income (current or previous), and whether this source should print on forms and reports.  

To view, update or delete an existing record, use the icons in the middle of the screen under the Employer column.

On this screen, you can check one current, one previous, and one other income record to appear on printed loan forms, where specific records are recorded.  (All current income and employment records will be included in summary totals.)

When ready, use Enter to save and proceed to the next screen, or use any of the tabs at the bottom of the screen to proceed directly to the desired area of the application.

Use Add Employer/Income (F6) to move to an add/update screen to add additional income or employment sources.  You can also access this screen via the Inquiry and Update buttons next to the employer name.

Field Descriptions

Use Add Employer/Income (F6) to move to an add/update screen to add additional income or employment sources.  You can also access this screen via the Inquiry and Update buttons next to the employer name.

Field Name



Indicates whether this is a current or prior employment or income.


You may only select one of each employment income source (current, prior, or other) to print on specific loan forms that have space for detail.  All current employment and other income sources will be included in the summary information.


Employment or Other


The name of the employer or other income.

Start Date

The start date of the employment or income.

End Date

The end date of the employment or income.  All 00's if still employed or receiving income.


The individual is employed full time at this employer.

Self Emp

Indicates that the individual is self-employed.

Gross Income

The gross income as calculated from the add/update screen.  Net income is calculated as eighty percent of the gross income.


Frequency the member receives this income.


This documents whether this employment record came from a system-generated source, such as an indirect dealer relationship or online banking application, allowing better analysis of the record.  In these cases this column says "Online".  This is blank if the employment record is manually added.




UW Comments (F5)

Use this to view or edit Underwriting Comments for this member.

Add Employer/Income (F6)

Use this to add additional income and employment.

Save/Done (F10)

Use this to exit and return to the Loan Recap or Loan App Check Results screen (if this feature is activated). Any changes made to this screen will be saved.




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