Action Code "HH" Viewing Household Members

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Household Members


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This screen will appear when the "Update Household Database" (HH) action code is used on the initial Process Member Applications screen, or when you enter an account, household, or Social Security number on the initial Household Selection screen. It will also appear if you choose the "Household" action code on the Membership Services screen or the "Household Statistics" button on the Phone Operator or Inquiry screens. What you can do on the screen may depend on your access point.   

A view only version of this screen can be accessed via Inquiry or Tool #1394 View Household Database/Stats. If maintenance features are absent from the screen, be sure to check the access point.

Helpful Resources

Learn how to open a membership.

Screen Overview

This screen displays all the members that are currently enrolled in a household. From this screen you may enroll a new member into the household, delete a current member, move a member to a different household, modify the database information on a specific member, or view statistics about the household as a whole.

If asterisks appear on this screen, it is due to the privacy configuration.

If the new person is a credit union member, enter the member account base number and use Enter to proceed to the Household Enrollment window. If the household member is not a credit union member, enter a Social Security number instead. If necessary, a Non-Member Information window may appear so that basic details such as name and address can be recorded in the non-member database before proceeding to the Household Enrollment window.



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