Membership Services: Updating Existing Members/Accounts

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Membership Services


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This screen will appear when you select Update Membership/Account Info on the previous Membership Services screen.

Screen Overview

This screen provides access to numerous member and account maintenance features. Place a checkmark in one or more of the options (described below), then press Enter or click the Go! button to proceed.

ยท The SSN Where Used button will display a screen showing all member, closed member, and/or non-member records in your database that have this same SSN/TIN.


Field Name


Membership information

To update member address and other general membership information. (These are the same screens used when opening the membership, with some additional fields.)


To update household information or change household enrollment.

Secondary names

To add or change joint owner, beneficiary and/or misc. owner names to this membership.

Marketing clubs

To enroll this member into a new marketing club.

Personal banker services

To work with various personal banker options, such as enrolling for eStatements, bill payment, or ARU/online banking services.

Order checks

If your credit union uses an online check ordering interface check this to proceed to that check ordering system.

  • The configuration to select Harland Clarke, Main Street, Deluxe, Checks for Less, or CheckPrintSolutions as your vendor is selected in OPER in the Credit Union Master Definition.

    • Click here to learn about setting up parameters for Harland Clarke.

    • Click here to learn about setting up parameters for Main Street (formerly Legacy Check Services).

    • Deluxe currently only supported online ordering and is configured only in the Credit Union Master Parameter Definition.  (See above.)

    • Click here to learn about setting up parameters for Checks for Less.

    • Click here to learn about setting up parameters for CheckPrintSolutions.

Print misc. member forms

To print any miscellaneous member account form, such as a TIS disclosure or fee schedule.

Credit report

Choose Pull new report to request a new online credit report for this member.

Choose View pre-approval/cross sales to view any pre-approvals (decisions) that exist for this member account. (For privacy reasons the actual full credit report is not available via this button.) If no pre-approval exists, the first Cross Sales Tracking screen will appear instead.

Sub-account maintenance

To update specific account information on individual savings, checking, certificate, and loan accounts.

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